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Source Songs

xx.12.1972 or xx.12.1973, BBC, "Sounds on Sunday" [29:24] with Frank Clarke and Ike Isaacs Family Tree [2.28], Brother Gorilla Introduction [0.52], Brother Gorilla [2.53], Country Boy Introduction [0.40], Country Boy [2.47], The Castleford Ladies' Magical Circle [2.20], Band and La-Di-Dah Introduction [0.53], Lah-Di-Dah, Leopold Alcox Introduction [0.28], Leopold Alcox [2.44], Bantam Cock [2.51], Sister Josephine Introduction [0.18], Sister Josephine [3.18], Remember Bethlehem Introduction [0.12], Remember Bethlehem [3.38]

xx.09.1974, Radio Two Grandad, The Blacksmith and the Toffee Maker, Bantam Cock, Jolly Captain, Brother Gorilla, Sister Josephine, Isabella, Leopold Alcox, Over to Isobel.

16.03.1980, Richard Digance The Bull, Lah-Di-Dah, Bantam Cock, The Remembrance, On Again! On Again!.

08.03.1981, Capital Radio, The Richard Digance and Friends Show The Remembrance, The Bull, One of Them, On Again! On Again!.

xx.xx.1982, "Forces Folk", BFBS (with Alan Williams: String Bass) Brother Gorilla, Worried Brown Eyes, Jolly Captain, Sister Josephine, Over to Isobel, Isabella, The Hair of the Widow of Bridlington, One of Them.

17.03.1982, Radio Two (recorded at the South Yorkshire Folk Festival organised by BBC Radio Sheffield in 1981) Introduction [0.12], Jolly Captain [3.12], Sister Josephine [2.47], Lah-Di-Dah [3.30], The Kiss [5.28], Bantam Cock [2.21], On Again! On Again! [3.38], The Last Will and Testament of Jake Thackray.

xx.xx.1991, Radio Sheffield Jolly Captain, The Remembrance, Sister Josephine, The Royal Engagement (Interlude), Lah-Di-Dah, The Kiss, Bantam Cock, One of Them, On Again! On Again!, The Last Will and Testament of Jake Thackray.

10.15 pm, 10.01.1990, Radio 2, UK, produced by Colin Chandler [14:20] Jolly Captain [3.37], Tortoise [1.55], Side By Side [3.57], Bantam Cock [2.41], Dans L'Eau De La Claire Fontaine [2.08].

A subset of the Radio Sheffield tracks thought to have been broadcast much earlier than 1991, perhaps 1981? Jolly Captain [3.12], Sister Josephine [2.45], Lah-Di-Dah [3.27], The Kiss [5.34].

xx.xx.xxxx Introduction [0.24], Our Dog [3.37], The Cenotaph [3.13], The Remembrance [3.09], On Again! On Again! [4.27].

xx.xx.xxxx Introduction [0.44], Jolly Captain [5.49], Tortoise [1.18], Our Dog [4.02], Dans L'Eau De La Claire Fontaine [1.46].

xx.xx.xxxx Introduction [1.14], Lullaby My Daddy-O [5.47], The Remembrance [2.37].

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