Jake Thackray and Songs

This was a series of six shows recorded in 1980 at various venues in Britain. Each show has special guests who perform a couple of tunes in the middle of the programme. It has now been confirmed that these six shows still exist in the BBC archives.

Programme 1
Family Tree, The Hair of the Widow of Bridlington, The Brigadier and On Again! On Again!.
Guest stars: Richard & Linda Thompson

Programme 2
Country Bus, Sister Josephine, To Do With You, The Blacksmith and the Toffee Maker, The Last Will and Testament of Jake Thackray, The Poor Sod.
Guest star: Ralph McTell

Programme 3
Lah Di Dah, The Remembrance, Personal Column, Fine Bay Pony, Ulysses and Old Molly Metcalfe.
Guest stars: The Maddy Prior Band

Programme 4
The Statues, The Jolly Captain, The Castleford Ladies Magical Circle and One of Them.
Guest star: Alex Glasgow

Progamme 5
Little Coal Black Foal, It Was Only a Gypsy, The Ballad of Billy Kershaw, Bantam Cock and Joseph.
Guest star: Susha

Programme 6
The Lodger, Scallywag, The Bull and Leopold Alcocks.
Guest star: Pete Scott

Also plenty of chat etc. including a story about two of Jake's sons who are in the audience and appear briefly on screen.

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'Magnificent' (The Independent)

'Jake Thackray and Songs', broadcast in 1981, captures him at the height of his powers; it paints an intimate portrait of Jake as a live artist, playing to audiences in the small venues where he felt most comfortable.

This BBC-licensed DVD, professionally produced from the original BBC masters, features all of Jake's performances from the series: thirty of his greatest songs, along with his inimitable between-songs chat and storytelling.

Also included are previously unreleased performances by three outstanding guest artists: Ralph McTell, Alex Glasgow and Pete Scott.