Jake Thackray - Live at the Unicorn

Catalogue No. JTP03


The Blacksmith And The Toffeemaker
Worried Brown Eyes
The Jolly Captain
Sister Josephine
The Remembrance
Our Dog
It Was Only A Gypsy
Bantam Cock
The Kiss
One Of Them
The Bull
To Do With You
On Again! On Again!
The Hair Of The Widow Of Bridlington
Dans L'Eau De La Claire Fontaine


30th September, 1989: a skittle alley, a packed audience and an evening of pure Thackray magic.

For anyone lucky enough to have been at one of the thousands of such gigs Jake played over the years, they were unforgettable evenings, full of warmth, humanity and laughter. Luckily, on this night in Somerton, someone had a VHS camcorder to hand, and Jake’s performance was captured for posterity. This DVD contains the whole show, including all the songs and legendary 'talking bits'. Jake is on top form, performing such classics as 'On Again! On Again!', ‘Bantam Cock’ and 'Sister Josephine', as well as rare gems such as 'Tortoise' and 'Our Dog'.

‘Jake Thackray – Live at The Unicorn’ gives an intimate and unique insight into Jake’s brilliance as a performer.

Any profits from this release will go into a fund to secure the rights to other performances for future release.

Recorded at The Unicorn Hotel, Somerton,30th September, 1989.    
Original recording by GORDON ROWE, used with kind permission from DICK CARLYON.
Sound restoration and 5.1 mix by ALAN SNELLING.    
Edited and authored for DVD by JAMIE McCOAN.
Project initiated and footage sourced by GORDON TENNENT.    
Clearances, copyright, project co-ordination - PAUL THOMPSON.
Distribution and finances - DAVID McGOVERN.    
Cover and booklet by SNEAKYTRICK (www.sneakytrick.com).    
Back cover photo by IAN WATSON.    
Front cover image by IAN BURDON.

Thanks also to SIMON PLATZ and BUCKS MUSIC on behalf of the JAKE THACKRAY ESTATE for allowing the release of this performance.

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The DVD of the BBC series 'Jake Thackray and Songs' is now available to buy online via Amazon. http://tinyurl.com/JakeDVD

'Magnificent' (The Independent)

'Jake Thackray and Songs', broadcast in 1981, captures him at the height of his powers; it paints an intimate portrait of Jake as a live artist, playing to audiences in the small venues where he felt most comfortable.

This BBC-licensed DVD, professionally produced from the original BBC masters, features all of Jake's performances from the series: thirty of his greatest songs, along with his inimitable between-songs chat and storytelling.

Also included are previously unreleased performances by three outstanding guest artists: Ralph McTell, Alex Glasgow and Pete Scott.