Lullaby My Daddy-o

Words & Music : Jake Thackray

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Oh son of mine, come close to me,
Close to your daddy-o,
And I shall set you on my knee,
My little laddie-o.
And you shall close your pretty eyes,
My little laddie-o,
And I shall sing you lullabies
Just for my laddie-o.

Oh father, father, is it true,
Tell me, my daddy-o,
Will I grow up to be like you,
Just like my daddy-o?
Oh yes, my darling, you will be,
Surely, my laddie-o,
As time goes by, a man like me,
Just like your daddy-o.

So every night shall I roll in,
Just like my daddy-o,
With heavy tread and glassy grin?
How very saddy-o.
And bounce my baby on my knee,
My own laddie-o,
And let him slip occasionally?
He will be gladdy-o.

And will I roll my bloodshot eyes,
Just like my daddy-o,
And sing him boozy lullabies
And make him maddy-o?
Oh when I'm tall and straight and strong,
Stronger than daddy-o,
I'll strap him down with leather thongs
And sing him his appalling songs
And screw his brains out all night long, and
Too bloody baddy-o.

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