Uncle Arthur

Words & Music: Jake Thackray

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Uncle Arthur rose to local fame
When they opened up a chic boutique along Pink Lane.
Since he poked his nose inside the trendy window pane
Our Uncle Arthur hasn't been the same.
He used to dress in army boots,
Wooly pullies, fruity suits did Arthur,
Now he goes a great deal farther,
He's wearing yellow flaring jeans,
Matching shirt and tie in blue and aubergine.
Arthur how you've changed,
They'd never recognise you down the labour exchange.

Uncle Arthur, clothes on the brain,
Snaggled up his pendant in his bicycle chain.
It hurt him rather badly but it didn't leave a stain.
Oh our Uncle Arthur hasn't been the same.
With his combat jacket in jungle green,
Skin tight slacks of velveteen,
Our Arthur now wears a primrose balaclava,
Purple shirts of Flemish lace,
Daringly unbuttoned to the waistline.
Arthur is that wise?
You ought to be more prudent with a stomach of that size.

Uncle Arthur's day of reckoning came
He bought a body stocking - Arthur's always game.
But since the day he found he couldn't get it off again
Our Uncle Arthur hasn't been the same.

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