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5 months 1 week ago #4415 by Malcy

mea culpa - I've had a few employment and family distractions to sidetrack me after the Fest, but I'd just like to thank the ensemble for rising personfully to the challenge of delivering Jake to the masses in Digbeth. Thanks to Tessa for doing the donkeywork in sorting out the venue, the PA, the various lodgings and the traditional post-fest curry - the event would not have been possible without you. Thanks to Matthew and Kim for performing Jake as has rarely been seen on an English stage, with such originality and joy ; to new friends David, Jonny and Edward for stepping up to the plate with such an excellent standard ; and to Busking Bob, Jamie, John and Paul for providing the backbone of the show with your usual quality work. :o)

Thanks to all the attendees too - it was great to see you all again, and it's very much appreciated by the players for you to make the effort. The afternoon show was great fun, the chansonnier interlude a thoroughly entertaining treat, and for an open-air venue in a pub in central Birmingham on a Saturday evening, it was no noisier than you would expect, I suppose ! ;o) Although this time around many regulars were unavailable and you had to keep plugging away to get a date agreed on, it was all worth it in the end. Well met, Jakesters, and here's to the next one !

I'll post some pics here in a bit.


Eranu !
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5 months 1 week ago #4417 by Hugh Williams

So pleased that it all went well.
I don't really "DO" jealousy but if I did...... well, you know.
Hope to hear some news regarding "The Biography" in the not too distant future ?
See what you think ......

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5 months 1 week ago #4418 by Jinyjo

Not sure what the crack is I can only log in at home on my PC ! of life's mysteries lol
Just a quick note to say we had a fab time, Jonny really enjoyed playing to an appreciative audience and we both loved listening to everyone else play too. It was especially good to here songs done in a different a very impressive way, thank you Kim and Matthew.
We certainly loo onward to seeing everyone again and on that note
Jonny and myself will be in Monmouth on holiday from rom Wednesday 26th September for three nights, we are booked onto the campsite which is right in the centre and easy staggger distance from the local hostelries !

I've been in touch with the Gate House and they have an Open Mic on the Wednesday, which anybody is free to go to, it is not a Jake based evening, it's any genre open mic They have a quiz on Thursday so that would not be convenient for any other music going on. There are of course other pubs in Monmouth. If there are people keen to meet up in September on any of the above dates I could make enquiries with the pubs to see if we would be welcome anywhere to have a Jake singaround, even if it were during the day.

If it's just a couple or three people we can just arrange to meet somewhere on one of the three days mentioned above Let me know what you think or if you are interested. It will be a very informal thing :)

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